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Addison Pain & Regenerative Medicine is one of the best pain management and regenerative medicine clinics in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas, including Addison, Plano, Frisco, and Richardson. We specialize in minimally invasive techniques as well as cutting-edge regenerative medicine treatment to provide comprehensive, compassionate solutions for your acute and chronic pain conditions. We also offer unique regenerative medicine solutions for sexual wellness and more.
Addison Pain + Regenerative Medicine

About Addison Pain + Regenerative Medicine

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Addison Pain + Regenerative Medicine, under the leadership of John East, DO, offers effective and affordable pain management to the community of Addison, Texas. For decades, the practice has worked to treat pain while maintaining the highest standard of patient care.

Addison Pain + Regenerative Medicine offers a wide range of innovative pain management treatments, including nerve blocks and trigger point injections. Also, for patients with a medical condition that qualifies, Dr. East can prescribe medical cannabis.

If you have chronic pain, such as back, shoulder, or knee pain, ketamine infusions can provide relief where other treatments have failed. The team specializes in compassionate care, and also offers minimally invasive, cutting-edge regenerative medicine treatments like platelet-rich plasma and bone marrow aspirate to ensure you get the comprehensive solution you deserve.

More than just overcoming pain, Addison Pain + Regenerative Medicine supports whole-patient well-being by offering regenerative medicine-based aesthetics and sexual wellness solutions. These include the Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Breast Lift®, and the popular O-Shot® and P-Shot®. 

Don’t face each day as a struggle to overcome when treatments are available to help you experience enjoyment in life. The team makes every effort to accommodate your schedule and provide quick appointment availability so you don’t have to wait weeks for a visit. Reach out to Addison Pain + Regenerative Medicine by phone or book online today.

Real Patient Testimonials
Our patients are parents, grandparents, athletes, and professionals who, just like you, were sidelined by their pain and unable to participate in life. Every patient has a unique story to tell, as their pain is individual to their own circumstances. Read more about how our treatment teams have helped our patients find their way back to living and improving their quality of life.
Jeramy R.
“I developed severe back pain about three years ago from putting my toddler into his crib. It was a life changing event for me as I’m a former pro athlete and was used to being very active. After several MRI’s, PT, and chiropractic work to no avail, one of my doctor recommended me to Addison Pain. Ms. Sylvia, Dr. East and Dr. Hess, worked diligently in developing a plan for me. I’ve had treatment on my lower back, mid back and both hips. Having pain is an interesting phenomenon in which you’re looking for someone who understands your situation and the folks at Addison Pain certainly do. Every time I walk in, I feel that they genuinely care and they have gone above and beyond, not only with my treatment, but in dealing with my insurance. I would highly recommend Addison Pain to anybody dealing with pain issues.”
Hilda N.
“Great practice! They genuinely care about their patients and find the root of the pain. Sylvia was able to find a treatment that worked for me after multiple tries with other doctors. Her assistant, Morgan, is also very helpful and quick to schedule anything I need. I’ve had injections with both Dr. Hess and Dr. East and both of them are great at what they do. Scheduling appointments is painless unlike other doctors that take months to get you in. I’d definitely recommend!”
Pain is hard. Your doctor’s visits don’t have to be.
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You don’t have to live with pain. Give us a call today and find out why Addison Pain & Regenerative Medicine is the best choice for you. We’re conveniently located in North Dallas with appointments often available within 24 – 48 hours. We are in-network with most major insurance payers, including group health plans, Medicare and Tricare.


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